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ServPDF-OO for OpenOffice
Program version: 1.0
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ServPDF-OO for OpenOffice is a web based PDF Converter Server (PDF-Server) for OpenOffice distributed as a small zip file (only 206 KByte). The installation process is very easy: Simply extract the archive into the OpenOffice directory like c:ProgramsOpenOffice2.0 and run 2 batch files.

ServPDF-OO was developed as a server application with SPYCE (PYthon Server Pages) and uses the PyUNO API of OpenOfffice. Therefore the PyUNO API should be installed in OpenOffice.

If you have downloaded and extracted the archive into the OpenOffice directory, you can start OpenOffice with the included OOService.bat. After that you have to start the webserver with Spyce_Webserver.bat. This two files can be found in the ServPDF-OO directory which was extracted into the OpenOffice directory.
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